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December 7, 2005
Estate P.A.C.T., Created to Increase the Value of Probate Home Properties, Launched by Los Angeles Realtor Lou Woolf

Sherman Oaks, CA--- A new real estate product, targeted at probate professionals, attorneys specializing in probate law and families in the midst of selling homes in the probate process, was announced today by renowned Los Angeles-based realtor Lou Woolf. 

Entitled “Estate P.A.C.T. (Probate Attorneys Cooperative Team)”, the new product makes it easier for repairs and improvements to be made on for-sale houses that are in the probate process, thus increasing the potential that the house will sell at a higher valuation for the home owner.

According to Woolf (a member of Coldwell Banker’s prestigious International President’s Circle), the Estate P.A.C.T. concept is remarkably efficient and effective.

“I’ve put together a team of trusted trades people that specialize in virtually every conceivable area of home embellishment, fix-up and repair, “Woolf commented.  “This includes painting, drywall, stucco, house cleaning, landscaping, locksmiths, security, debris removal and many, many other similar services.  The key in the Estate P.A.C.T. program is that there are no up-front costs to the Estate.  Services are billed to escrow and paid from escrow disbursement funds.

“Our program is free of charge to our listed clients and the services provided are billed at the regular rate, “Woolf continued.  “There is no additional charge for using the Estate P.A.C.T. program.”

Attorneys, probate specialists and families with homes in the probate process can contact Lou Woolf at (818) 728-3911.

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